The blog is back

It’s been a year since I sat here looking at a blank screen wondering what on earth I’m going to write. That feeling of being overwhelmed by the potential success, or failure, of the words to follow has returned, familiar as ever.

But as uncomfortable as this is, the desire to create is even greater.

Readers of old, will remember my relationship with the photographic community has always been somewhat fragile, and I don’t expect that to change. I put it down to passion, and my aspirations of taking with me just a few that will really make something of themselves, and more importantly, their photography. Which means I’m not writing for everyone, just those that are listening.

I want this space to be used to explore photographs, and ultimately, figure out how to make better work. I’ll be talking about many things, but especially visual language, photography as communication, how to read, understand and appreciate photographs using critical analysis, a skill most valuable in times of mass photo exchange. I expect I’ll dwell extensively on process, especially analogue, which I’m shooting exclusively nowadays. (Except for my iPhone Instagram shots of course).

Underpinning everything will be something I’m totally hooked on teaching, “how to see …. photographically”, and how to find beauty in the mundane. Photography isn’t limited to the obvious or the exotic, it’s richer than that, and I hope to be able to show you this as the blog moves forward.

Interviews, there will be plenty of them. I always enjoy hearing and discussing how others work. In short, it’s a huge conversation about photography.

I’ll be linking this space with my Twitter and Instagram accounts so if you want to find out when new posts are available, you’ll need to follow me. Or just hit the subscribe button and I’ll send them to your inbox.

So this was really an intro post, to tell you what’s ahead, but I do feel I need to offer you something to grab hold of, so here’s a short film that should whet your appetite a little.


  1. Luba’s avatar

    Looking forward to it!


  2. Michael Jardeen’s avatar

    Nice Vid, reposting it. welcome back!



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